There were a lot of rumours about the new host city of the Swiss E-Prix 2019. We have been in contact with various cities which could offer an attractive venue for the event. As being the capital city of Switzerland and having a historical motor sports past, Bern was soon to be picked as a favourite.

In Bremgartenwald the last Formula 1 race and hence the countries’ last circuit race had taken place in the year of 1954. Since then the world of motorsports and of mobility have changed drastically. New and innovative technologies have been developed and timewise the Formula E was able to establish itself as racing series for electric race cars with its mission to promote E-mobility on an international level.

Consequently, the Swiss E-Prix is more than just a Formula E race. To further promote sustainable mobility, the Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix 2019 in Bern is going to be used to present the words newest innovations and ideas for sustainable urban mobility. Such pioneering projects would not fit anywhere better than in the capital city.

In this way we can proudly announce, the next Swiss E-Prix will take place on the 22nd of June 2019 in the city of Bern.

Due to a high number of other events in Summer 2019, the city of Zurich rejected to host the race again. This decision is reasonable and even presents us a chance for the thrilling possibility to transform the Swiss E-Prix to a national event. Which city will be hosting the 2020 event is still an open question, several cities are worth considering.

On the 22nd of June 2019 the Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix will take place in the heart of the Swiss capital Bern, in front of a spectacular scenery.

After starting on Laubeggstrasse, the Formula E drivers will race counter-clockwise past the idyllic Rosengarten park, down to the world-famous Bärengraben with a spectacular view on the river Aare and the World Unesco Heritage site of the old city center of Bern. They finish the round by racing up the Grosser Muristalden in direction of Schosshalde.

The circuit is promising an exciting and entertaining race, especially with those slopes of quite steep descents and inclines like it has never been seen in the history of the Formula E before. The chicane and the hairpin turn on the Laubeggstrasse will further contribute to a thrilling fight for pole position and trophy. Excitement is guaranteed.

We are looking forward to having you at the Julius Baer Swiss E-Prix at the 22nd of June 2019 in Bern.